About Us
Total web development and software solutions.

About Our work

ihostingbd is a full-service software and web development firm. We HRMS Solution, Payroll, Fund management, CRM, Accounting Software, Dashboard Development, School Management System, E-Commerce Solution, Custom software development services. Our team is completely committed not only to providing basic services, but also to doing everything possible to get your business growing explosively.

Who we are

ihostingbd is one of the most emerging Software and Web Development Company in Bangladesh. It has started its operation in early 2010. We work internationally, providing our customers with service through our regional representatives.

Our mission

Our mission is Providing Solution that gives momentum in life. The primary objective is to develop solutions that will bring energy into people's way of doing activities. For customers, we want to play the role of a stakeholder and want to contribute in reaching their goal by providing accurate and state-of-the-art solution.

We're a Dhaka, Bangladesh based web development and software development company providing efficient and business-critical web solutions to clients all over the world. Our expertise resides on creating rich UI based web applications that end users love to use. And we've been doing this since 2010.